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Our data recovery costs do vary, but to keep easier data recoveries more affordable to our customers and more complicated data recoveries separated out, we have developed the following Tier Level pricing program. Remember – you shouldn’t have to be extorted for thousands of dollars by the big “Million Dollar Data Recovery” corporations to re-own your data again!

Recovery Levels Explained

Hard drives fail in 3 distinct ways however most recovery companies do not tell you this.
The following are the Levels that cover all components of Data Recovery:

Level 1: Logical Repair - Physically healthy drive but has software corruption.
Level 2: Non Invasive - Corrupted drive but not mechanically.
Level 3: Invasive - Mechanical failed and needs a Clean Room recovery.

During the evaluation phase we will determine the level of service needed. Then once we recover all
your data you are charged the quoted flat rate. We believe this is a more honest approach to Data recovery and our customers agree too.


After an evaluation is performed on the media a Flat Rate Price will be supplied

Flat Rate Pricing available for all Single Mac and PC hard drives. RAID and NAS pricing may vary.

After an evaluation is performed on the media a Flat Rate Price will be supplied.












    Your data has value, be it monetarily or emotionally!  You should consider using a professional.  
     If your media is failing to start to the desktop, or if it’s making noises you have never heard before, turn it off immediately and contact us. Clean-room work may be needed.