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  At A2Z Computers, We offer a wide range of VoIP Server Options.  The hardware cost is determined by how many users you have & how many concurrent calls you need to make.  

The programming cost is based on how system complexity.   

     Asterisk is very well suited to a telecommuter and remote office personnel  We also have quite a few Clients that run their branch offices off of the system located in their main office.  Another great cost saver!

Automated Attendant
Attended or Blind Transfer
Call Detail Records
Call Forwarding (Busy/No Answer)
Call Parking
Call Recording*
Call Retrieval
Call Snooping*
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Conference Room*
Dial by Name
Direct Inward System Access*
Distinctive Ring
Do Not Disturb

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Local and Remote Call Agents
Music On Hold/Transfer
Three-way Calling
Overhead Paging
Remote Call Pickup
Remote Office Support
Roaming Extensions
Route by Caller ID
- Visual Indicator for Message Waiting
- Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting
- Voicemail to email
- Voicemail Groups
- Voicemail to email
- Voicemail Groups
    As you can see this system does quite a bit.  Another great feature is the ability to use telephones from many different manufactures.  In fact you don’t even need physical telephones!  
You may run a “soft-phone”  That is a particular application that acts as a telephone.

Asterisk VoIP PBX Features